Modern Realist II by Thomas Pradzynski

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In 1977 Thomas Pradzynski moved to the long-time hub of artistic renaissance and inspiration, Paris, France with his wife Joanna. It was here that he fine-tooled his signature style.

Fusing a realistic technique with romantic subject matter, Pradzynski brought the longing for past remembrances and the immediacy of living in the moment intimately together. He has said that his paintings are an attempt to romanticize the empty streets and the traces of the past and to preserve places that are slowly disappearing.

It is through Pradzynski's keen colorist eye that each meticulous detail of his beloved urban landscapes reveals his personal passion. Pradzynski's paintings are often masterpieces of luminosity and serve as dramatic testimony to the artist's brilliant aesthetics. In a world where many artists simply borrow and repeat other artists' styles, Thomas Pradzynski stands alone, illuminated by his own glorious Realism.

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